Supplement files GPS Nissan Leaf

You can now generate a GPS file from this page, containing the regions and the options you want.

Steps : We have created an easy how-to guide, to generate and download in your Leaf. How-to guide.

Charge station list are provided and maintained by Denis Perron. You can also get his book 'Répertoire des bornes de recharge' by visiting the How-to guide. The interface was built by Steven Sicard.

If you have any questions, comments or suggestions, please contact us via emails, the links are at the bottom of the page.

The DCFast stations are already downloaded in the GPS, by Nissan. Their names starts by CEC... Even if this create duplicate, we are still offering them in this tool since our location if oftem more precise, proximity warning sound will be heard and the name will have more details. You can also exclude them at question 1.

Last update: Version 6.0312 - 2019-03-12

Please select device on which the generated file will be installed:

     Nissan Leaf Navigation

     GPS Garmin (GPX)
     GPS TomTom (OV2)
        Include Tesla Stations

1. What type of charging station?

     All Stations (L2 and DCFast)
     L2 Only (240v)
     DCFast Only (400v DC)
     All Quebec DCFast (400v DC) plus all charging stations in the selected regions below
     All Vermont DCFast (400v DC) plus all charging stations in the selected regions below

     Free stations only

2. Filters your locations

The numbers next to the region show the quantity of charge locations, plus the quantity of photo radars (if available) for the corresponding region.

All Regions
1. Îles de la Madeleine (3+0)
2. Gaspésie (45+0)
3. Bas-Saint-Laurent (61+0)
4. Québec (115+0)
5. Charlevoix (18+0)
6. Chaudière-Appalaches (53+0)
7. Mauricie (73+0)
8. Cantons-de-l'est (124+0)
9. Montérégie (218+0)
10. Lanaudière (83+0)
11. Laurentides (87+0)
12. Montréal (361+0)
13. Outaouais (33+0)
14. Abitibi-Témiscamingue (25+0)
15. Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean (37+0)
16. Manicouagan (8+0)
17. Duplessis (5+0)
18. Baie-James (0)
19. Laval (48+0)
20. Centre-Du-Québec (62+0)
21. Nunavik (0)

Nouveau-Brunswick (90+0)
Île-du-Prince-Édouard (24+0)
Vermont, USA (80+0)
Here are the cities included based on your region selection. Any changes in the regions tab will overwrite your cities selection

You can remove the charge networks you do not wish to use

     Circuit Électrique (CE)
     FLO (FL)
     AZRA (AZ)
     ChargePoint (CP)
     Doc. Borné (DB)
     Sun Country Highway (SC)
     EVgo (EG)
     Elmec (El)
     GE Watt Station (GE)
     NB Power (NB)
     Sema Connect (CO)
     Indépendant / Independent (IN)
This opion will add the known fixed photo radars. By activating this option, a photo icon will apear and sound will be heared at 500m from the radar

     No Photo Radars
     Include Photo Radars based on the Regions/Cities selected
     Include all Photo Radars
The GPS of the Nissan Leaf can only contain a maximum of 200 locations, including the adresses you save directly in the system such as your work charging location or other POI. This option limits the number of locations available, so you still have spaces available

Reserve locations, to save personal adresses on the GPS..

Please selection a maximum of 200 locations for the Leaf or 900 locations for the Garmin GPS

Your Selection

3. Choose your Options

Options: Name and Location Display

A maximum of 31 characters will be allowed in the display name including your chosen options. The more information you add, the shorter the location name will be.

L2 (240v) DCFast (400v)
Identify the DCFast Stations (Displays L3- before the location)
Add the city name (Before)
Add the cost (End)
Add the network (End)
Add the Altitude (End) (GPS Only)

Add the quantity of ports (End) (GPS Only)
Display the province/state name off-Quebec (Before)

CE = Circuit Électrique
CP = ChargePoint
DB = Doc. Borné
SC = Sun Country Highway
EV = EVgo
GE = GE Watt Station
IN = Indépendant / Independent

Options: Sounds (Leaf Only)

A proximity warning sound can be heard when approaching a locations. Select the distance at which you want the short melody to play. Choose 'None' if you don't desire.

L2 (240v) DCFast (400v)
Distance between your car and the charging station

Available melodies

Music Box 1 (Default)

Music Box 2



Options: Icons (Leaf Only)

Here is a list of various icons you can choose from which will appear on the map when you are near a locations

Options: Miscellaneous

• Order: Province / state to display first:

Tool Design

Charging locations list: Denis Perron
Website: Steven Sicard
Translation: Carole Morin

Special thanks to:

Facebook group: Ma Leaf ... une passion!

Éric Ducharme (GPX)


Website Version: 2.5 (08/2018)


  • Huge box fix on data transfer
  • Able to put more stations on GPS
  • Fix city with name containing an apostrophe
  • Bug Fixes and Language Fix

  • Database

    DB Version: 6.0312 (2019-03-12)
    L2 (240v) - 1576 locations, 2543 ports.
    DCFast (400v) - 181 locations, 213 ports.
    SuperChargers Tesla - 14 locations, 140 ports.
    Photo Radars - 0 locations


  • Campbellton (NB): Quality Inn (DCFast)
  • Laval: Aréna H Monahan (DCFast)
  • Laval: Aréna Y-Chartrand (DCFast)
  • Laval: Caserne 8 (DCFast)
  • Laval: Complexe Guimond (DCFast)
  • L’Anse-Saint-Jean: Info Touristique (DCFast)
  • Quispamsis (NB): Irving Oil (DCFast)
  • Repentigny: Caisse Desjardins (DCFast)
  • Saint Andrews (NB): Visitor Ctr (DCFast)
  • Saint Stephen (NB): Civic Center (DCFast)
  • Saint-Apollinaire: Shell (DCFast)
  • Saint-Félicien: Caisse Desj. (DCFast)
  • Saint-Hyacinthe: Ctr Congrès (DCFast)
  • Saint-Michel-des-Saints: Mairie (DCFast)
  • Sainte-Jeanne-d’Arc: Crevier (DCFast)
  • Sept-Îles: Info Touristique (DCFast)
  • Stoneham-et-Tewkesbury: Halles (DCFast)
  • Sussex (NB): Shoppers (DCFast)
  • Terrebonne: Caisse Desjardins (DCFast)

  • Updated

  • Caraquet (NB): Visitor Ctr (DCFast)
  • Shédiac (NB): Stationnement (DCFast)