How to import the address book (WARNING: this import will replace your current address book)

Note: Before selecting the charge stations to add to your GPS, please note that duplicates between this tool and the Nissan file have been deleted. Therefore, you should still update your GPS with Nissan data. This tool uses upper-case letters to identify the charge stations unlike those provided by Nissan. You can thus determine from the display if it is a charge station is generated from this tool or the Nissan file.


1. Select the type of charge station, network, and the region(s) you want (Steps 1, 2, 3) 2. Select the options. 3. Click on "Generate file" (blue icon at the bottom) 4. For the Leaf: - A ZIP file called "GPSLEAF" followed by the date and time will be uploaded to the "Downloads" folder on your computer - Unzip. The file contains a subdirectory called "userdata" 4. For the Garmin GPS: A GPX File will be uploaded to the "Downloads" folder on your computer

Leaf 2011-2015

1. These models require an SD memory card formatted in FAT32 2. Copy the "userdata" directory to the SD card 3. Go in the car and open the GPS screen so as to access the CD player 4. Remove the small cover to access the SD card slot by gently pulling on the upper part 5. Very gently insert the SD card into the left slot. Do not remove the SD card on the right slot 6. Return the screen to its normal position 7. Press the MENU button 8. "Settings" 9. "Navigation" 10. "Address Book" 11. "Clear stored data" (otherwise the existing data will not be deleted, and it may run low on space - max = 200) 12. "Delete stored addresses" 13. "All Clear" and "Yes" 14. "Back" 15. "Move the stored data" 16. "Import data" 17. Select "ON" to "Stored Location" then "Import" (it may take a few seconds) 18. To verify that the transfer was completed: Press "Back" 19. "Stored Location" 20. Flip the GPS screen (as shown in 3), remove the SD card, replace the cover and return the screen to its normal position

Leaf 2016-2017

1. This model requires a USB flash drive formatted in FAT32 2. Copy the "userdata" directory to the flash drive 3. Put the flash drive into the USB port located at the left of the radio 4. Press the MENU button 5. "Settings" 6. "Navigation" 7. "Address Book" 8. "Clear stored data" (otherwise the existing data will not be deleted, and it may run low on space - max = 200) 9. "Delete stored addresses" 10. "All Clear" and "Yes" 11. "Back" 12. "Move the stored data" 13. "Import data" 14. Select "ON" to "Stored Location" then "Import" 15. To verify that the transfer was completed: Press "Back" 16. "Stored Location" 17. Remove the flash drive

GPS Garmin

1- Connect your GPS to your computer 2- Copy the generated file (GPX) in the Garmin/GPX folder ————————————————— The design of this tool as well as the addition and maintenance of the charge station list is done by volunteers. If you like this tool and want to support us, you can donate to the following PayPal address:

Répertoire des Bornes de Recharge - 2018 : An Essential Tool for Planning Trips for the EV Owner.

This eBook will meet the evergrowing demand by EV Owners. It contains maps of all the public charge stations and all the different things to do within walking distance. For now, it includes the Provinces of Quebec, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island and the State of Vermont. It will regularly be kept up-to-date until the end of the year. This easy-to-use eBook maps out the location of all the chargers some even including pictures for easy access. It also indicates the Networks the chargers belong to, the Connector Types (L1, L2, DC CHAdeMO, DC Combo, and Tesla chargers and superchargers), the rates, available hours, parking fees, restrictions, energy, and more.

This eBook was conceived so that all EV motorists be able to easily plan any trip by providing all the necessary information needed to make EV travel more pleasurable.

Each map includes restaurants, shopping malls, movie theatres, parks, health spas, ferries, and a lot more, all within walking distance of each charging station, giving you a heads-up on what to do while your EV is charging away. Some facilities have a clickable link which can provide store hours, what's playing at a nearby theatre, ferry schedules, and even restaurant menus.


Thank you and have a safe trip!